Our core belief and inspiration

Disciplined Marketing accelerates growth.

Marketing is the catalyst that transforms products into powerful brands… It builds meaningful relationships between brands and humans… It connects, inspires, creates relevancy; ultimately driving brand attachment and sales.
We call this force: The Marketing (Mk) Element.
Discipline in the way we capture Insights
There is systemic change happening in markets today that has created a new human reality. One that is evidenced by fundamental shifts in the views people have of themselves and everything around them.
Understanding humans and their relationship with brands is the foundation for developing meaningful brand strategy. Given this importance, we utilize multiple disciplines to get deep into both the conscious and the subconscious mind.
Discipline in the way we build Brand strategy
In this new environment of radical transparency, brands must emotionally connect like never before. Its no longer about differentiation or even preference, its about brand attachment.
Brand attachment occurs when the relationship between a person and brand is deep, relevant and emotional. There are shared values. When people and brands are attached, the brand plays a role that far exceeds the benefits of the product.
Discipline in the way we activate Brands
Technology has changed our world and as a result media no longer controls the conversation. Consumers do.
Meaningful brand–human interactions are achieved via Empathetic Engagement, a process designed to identify when, where and how the brand can add value to consumers lives.
Its about crafting authentic brand stories and ritualizing experiences that trigger the desire.

What we do

The MK Element is a boutique global marketing consultancy that injects marketing and brand strategy discipline to accelerate growth. We help clients build brand attachment with existing customers, enter new markets and segments, and pursue purposeful innovation; triggered by deep cultural and human understanding.

3 Service Lines Designed to Achieve breakout Growth

MK 360®

We help businesses build Brand Attachment. Brand Attachment describes the strength of the bond connecting a human with a brand and it’s what will affect behaviors that foster profitability and customer lifetime value.


We help businesses scale through geographic expansion and segment extension
(especially in the elusive “M&M” segments – Millennials and Multi-Culturals).

MK Labs®

We help businesses build new products, services and experiences designed
to build brand attachment.

Our solutions

Unlike many that operate as ‘experts’ – “we’ve seen this many times before, we know exactly what the issue is, …”, at The MK Element we believe that business context matters and we recognize that every situation, every industry and every company is different.
We explore and push the thinking until we find the right solution for each individual challenge.

Clients both B2C and B2B, engage us in the following areas.

Our Work

We have completed work in over 25 countries across 4 continents.
We have deep expertise across industry, but with keen focus on Food
and Beverages, Telecom, Wine & Spirits and QSR.

Case studies

“In the past few years, we have relied on the MK element to help us elevate our global Marketing capabilities.
They have been instrumental in institutionalizing tools and frameworks to make us smarter and more disciplined in the way we build our brands”

CMO – Moët Hennessy

“I’ve engaged the MK element to challenge our team in defining a refreshed growth strategy. Michel and Santiago’s complementarity is a key to their effectiveness as brand and business strategists. I like it when they see things differently, and I have seen how this gets them to the right answer faster.”

CEO – The Glenmorangie Company

“The MK element not only has the keen strategic and analytical skills, but they do not waste time. From a broad range of external opportunities we were chasing, they gave us the focus we were looking for, with a convincing rationale.”

CMO – Moët Hennessy

“MK element added great value by giving us the tough love we needed. They identified our challenges quickly and came up with a compelling brand story to leverage with the trade, the consumer and other influencers. They also helped us bring it to life by renovating our packaging and building a unique brand experience program. Their people are smart, professional and practical – a pleasure to work with.”

CEO – Blue Nectar Spirits

“MK developed a clear roadmap for market entry, based on their deep understanding of the categories and the route-to-market in Latin America. In addition they were able to develop and validate a portfolio strategy that leveraged consumer insights, our global brands and the identified target partners in the region.”

President – Orangina-Schweppes Int’l

“The MK element has been a great strategic partner for us. Whether developing our international portfolio strategy, exploring opportunities in new markets or just connecting us with the right people. They are ‘ideas’ people that I always rely on for the next new thing.”

CEO – Alpina Foods

“We brought the MK element on board to improve our way of working. The MK element developed and launched a highly successful internal forum that resulted in better collaboration between region and markets and more effective and efficient marketing programs.”

CMO – PepsiCo Foods Latam

“I’ve engaged the MK element when I needed unbiased marketing-expert eyes. They are methodical, fact based and analytical. They know how to quickly navigate thru complex problems and particularly in heavy political environments.”

Director Strategy – Pepsi Beverages Latam

“I’ve hired the MK element to support us in building a category strategy for Latam. The MK element always asks the tough questions to push the thinking, ultimately bringing clarity to the strategic choices at hand and the trade-offs of each decision.”

Global Dairy GM – PepsiCo Foods

About Us

We are Disciplined Marketers evolved into Consultants.

Depending on the specifics of the challenge, we leverage our global network of Marketing associates and business partners to build best in class teams with the required
skills and/ or expertise.

Our leadership team

A senior network of leaders for the 21st Century dynamic
business needs.

Santiago Bellasi


Aaron Feigenbaum

Cultural Anthropologist

Josh Glenn

Semiotics Lead

Vegard Soehus

Analytics Lead

Susan Reed

Innovation Lead

Deepak Masand


Carlos Ramirez

Business Strategist


The MK element is a boutique global marketing consultancy that injects strategic discipline to accelerate growth. We craft Brand Attachment strategies triggered by deep
cultural and human understanding. 
We deliver actionable strategies, not binders for your shelf. We measure our success on business outcomes rather than creative awards.
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